My week in films. My favourite films of 2012.

27 Dec

Greetings, aye its the end of the year so here come hunners of top ten lists of movies. So here’s mine.. there’s twelve.


Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis play the same character in Rian Johnsons sci fi thriller. I was kinda expecting a ‘Matrix’ type film, it felt mair like ’12 Monkeys’ and that’s a guid thing.


Andrew Dominick’s crime film is a bleak, throw back tae the thrillers of the 70’s. Great soundtrack, brutal violence and a fine cast.


One of the most all out entertaining films of the year. Joss Whedon brings some of marvels biggest heroes together tae save the world (of course) It’s funny, exciting, nicely paced and the action scenes are great. Oh, its got Hulk in it. Brilliant.


Brilliant Norwegian thriller aboot a high class art thief. Exciting, tense, funny and one particular scene where I found myself holding my breath in the cinema. Does everything a thriller should.


Bond returns. Mendes has brought back everything we love aboot the Bond films, and all that was missing fae Quantum, including a decent baddie. It’s got a nice retro feel. If yir a Bond fan you won’t be disappointed.


Dexter Fletcher’s debut as a director is so much mair than the Guy Ritchie style trailer suggest. A beautifully played family drama. It’s warm, funny and a well worth seeking oot.


Batman, Catwoman, Bane, bomb. Far fae perfect, but still a cracking closer tae a brilliant trilogy.


Fantastic documentary aboot.. well you’re better seeing it wi oot knowing too much aboot it. An unbelievable but true story.


Liam Neeson vs wolves, in the snow! YAAAASSSSS! The Grey is so much mair than that though. It’s a harsh and uncompormising look at mortality. But my goodness, its a great bloody film. Neeson is superb. It’s ace.


Ben Wheatley’s pitch black comedy aboot two lovers oan a caravan holiday. Oh, they also go oan a killing spree. It’s fantastically funny, brutal, beautifully shot and the performances are great. Check it oot.


The most joyful experience I’ve had in the cinema in years. I grew up watching The Muppets oan tv in the 70’s so I was really hoping this wouldn’t disappoint. It didn’t. It’s wonderful.


Wow! The best action film I’ve seen in years. The Raid simply blew me away in the cinema. Cops trying tae escape fae a block of high flats. Drug dealer wants them dead. FIGHT! Truly breathtaking stunts, almost unbelievable martial arts skills and horrific violence. Go watch The Raid!

So that’s that then, been a pretty enjoyable year fir movies. I also saw JAWS oan the big screen fir the first time. That was ACE! Also really enjoyed LAWLESS and SINISTER, some fine cardigan wearing in those movies. Anyway, cheers for reading and huv a great 2013! Aw’ra best!


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